The perfect guitarist

A complete method to learn classical guitar. Edoardo Catemario will guide you through the “First Lessons” by Julio Sagreras. You will learn from the very beginning how to practice and use the routines that all the masters of the instrument adopt.

Fast and easy

Be guided by one of the most famous concert players in the guitar history. Learn how to practice by following the video tutorials and the advices that you will find in every lesson’s page. A complete guide from how to correctly seat and embrace the guitar to more complex pieces.

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The First Lessons by Sagreras will bring you straight into the world of the classical guitar. Surprise your teacher with incredibly fast results or learn without a teacher by following Edoardo’s tutorials.

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Learn music

Learn the notes from the first lesson. Be guided into the classical music world, learn music without having to bear endless sessions of theory. With “Metodo Catemario” much of the work will be done by developing your musical ear. 

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