Edoardo Catemario


Edoardo Catemario

Guitarist, arranger, composer, innovator, teacher … and much more.

Metodo Catemario

The Catemario method is a practice-based music starter system. It is a protocol of ear formation and development of the creative abilities of the student.

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Books and arrangements: Fundamentals of interpretation and all Bergmann Editions "Collezione Catemario"

Edoardo is much more than a mere musician, he is an aristocrat of music and beyond. He has a brilliant international concert career, teaching at the Royal Academy of London, at the Mozarteum and in many universities. He is the creator of the Catemario Method a protocol designed to form the ear and foster the capacity for musical imagination, he wrote a book on interpretation, a Musical, has over 300 arrangements to his credit that he is publishing with Bergmann Editions. Edoardo deals with innovative technologies: he has developed an industrial patent.

Music is the subtle door between the real and the dream, between physics and metaphysics



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